Eastern Phoebe Wallmount House

House sizeInterior floor 6" x 6"
Open front
Recommended height above ground between 8 and 12 ft
Made from cedar
About the birds:
LocatedBreeds in central and eastern Canada and throughout the eastern USA. Winters in the south-east USA to Mexico
HabitatOpen woodland, farmland and suburbs, often near water
DescriptionDark grayish brown back and head
White throat
Dirty gray breast
Yellowish underparts
Head and tail darker than back
Black bill
FoodFlying insects, also fruits and berries in cooler weather
SizeLength: 6-7 in (14-17 cm)
Wingspan: 10-11 in (26-28 cm)
Weight: 1/2 to 3/4 ounces (16-21 grams)
NotesThe Eastern Phoebe is one of the first birds to return in spring and one of the last to leave in the fall. It will nests on human structures such as bridges and buildings. Its call is an emphatic "phee-bee". It also has a habit of constantly wagging it tail.td>
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Length:8  in(20.3 cm)
Width:8  in(20.3 cm)
Height:15  in(38.1 cm)


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