Downy Woodpecker House

House sizeInterior floor 4" x 4"
Entrance hole size 1 1/4"
Recommended height above ground between 5 and 15 ft
Made from cedar
About the birds:
LocatedAcross North America, except the far North and the Southwest United States
HabitatForested areas (mainly deciduous), parks and gardens
DescriptionBlack on upper parts and wings, white on back, throat and belly
Small, pointed bill
Adult male has a red patch on the back of the head
FoodPrimarily insects, also seeds and berries
SizeLength: 6-7 in (14-17 cm)
Wingspan: 10-12 in (25-30 cm)
Weight: 3/4 to 1 ounce (21-28 grams)
NotesThe Downy Woodpecker is the smallest woodpecker in North America. They are mainly permanent residents. During the winter, it is often seen in mixed flocks and will move into the suburbs and feed on suet at bird feeders.
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Length:8  in(20.3 cm)
Width:8  in(20.3 cm)
Height:15  in(38.1 cm)


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