Hooded Merganser House

Front profile

With cleaning door open

Front profile

With cleaning door open
House sizeInterior floor 10" x 10"
Entrance hole size 3"x4"
Recommended height above ground between 10 and 20 ft or 6ft over water
Made from cedar
About the birds:
LocatedAcross North America, breeding primarily on the Pacific west coast and around the Great Lakes.
HabitatSwamps and wooded ponds.
DescriptionCrest on back of head
Male has a black head, reddish-brown sides and a large white patch on the crest
Female has a reddish-brown crest and a the rest is grayish-brown
Long, narrow serrated bill
FoodSmall fish, crustaceans and aquatic insects
SizeLength: 16-19 in (40-50 cm)
Wingspan: 24-26 in (60-66 cm)td>
Weight: 16 to 31 ounces (450-880 grams)
NotesThe Hooded Merganser has a transparent third eyelid called a nictating membrane which protects its eyes while it searches underwater for food. These membranes can actually be used to change the refracting quality of its eyes to improve their sight while underwater. They migrate only a short distance during the winter.
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Length:10  in(25.4 cm)
Width:10  in(25.4 cm)
Height:24  in(61 cm)

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